Marijuana Marketing: 5 Cannabis Advertising Tips You Need to Know

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Marijuana Marketing: 5 Cannabis Advertising Tips You Need to Know


That’s how many patients say medical marijuana helps them. It helped alleviate their pain—from migraines to arthritis.

But what about the people who are still skeptical? They’re probably asking how an oddly-shaped plant can make their pain less intense. And most likely, they’re still relying on pain pills to get them through the day.

That’s where cannabis advertising comes in. You sell a product that makes people’s lives better. Now, you just need to tell the world.

Ready to see our five advertising tips? Keep reading to find out what they are!

Partner with a Cannabis Ad Network

To get your name out there, advertisements are the best way to do that. But not everyone wants to advertise medical marijuana on their sites.

Instead, partner with an ad network that’s cannabis-friendly. They’ll know which websites don’t mind that kind of product.

Take Out a Billboard

While this is a bit of a pricey option, it does yield amazing benefits. For starters, 50% of people who saw a store advertised on a billboard later visited it.

And if your thing is medical marijuana, likely you’re trying to get the locals’ attention of where you’re at. That said, you’ll also need to be aware of any zoning laws in place.

If you do decide to take out a billboard ad, pick a location near a busy road. That increases your chances of it being seen by more people.

Utilize Content Marketing

To attract potential customers through the internet, content marketing is where it’s at. Content marketing comes in all shapes and forms such as:

  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • Video
  • Infographics

All of these are meant to educate the online public about your product. Once you create a piece that’s informative and valuable, use social media ads to get the word out.

Collaborate with Influencers

Let someone else get the word out about your business. Influencers (mostly found on social media) expose their audience to products they love.

However, when it comes to selecting an influencer, be wise with your choices. Take into consideration your target audience—which are people interested in medical marijuana.

Instead of collaborating with an influencer who smokes on the weekends just to get high, aim for those in the health and wellness category. They’ll work with you to explain the benefits of medical marijuana and appeal to a wider audience.

Use Search Engine Optimization Practices

SEO, for short, is all about implementing certain practices on your website and social media. For starters, keywords are your best friend.

You’ll want to research which keywords are relevant to your business. Once you find a few, plug them into your content—everywhere from blogs posts to meta titles and descriptions.

When you link to an outside source, make sure it’s reputable. One way to lose customers’ trust quickly is to send them to some shady website.

Unfortunately, this is something that can’t be mastered overnight. It takes time and effort to become good at it. But as long as your stuff is constantly updated and relevant, you’ll be fine.

Cannabis Advertising Tips Sure to Bring New Customers

When it comes to cannabis advertising, there are a lot of options out there. As long as you stick with it, you’ll be gaining new business in no time.

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